Company E, 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Peaked Mountain Grays

(as mustered in June 30, 1863)


William B. Yancey, captain
W. G. Kisling, 1st lieutenant
J. H. Hawkins, 2nd lieutenant
T. G. Mauzy, 3rd lieutenant
J. B. Rush, 1st sergeant
C. E. Hammon, 2nd sergeant
James Dunnivin, 3rd sergeant
Augustine Wyant, 4th sergeant
E. A. Leap, 1st corporal
J. F. Sipe, 2nd corporal
D. W. Wyant, 3rd corporal
S. A. May, 4th corporal

Calvin Breedin G. R. Dennet Addison Lafferty
John Booze John Davis W. F. Michaels
Jacob Boyers J. M. Harmer Harrison Morris
Joseph Bauserman B. F. Harman Noah A. Royer
G. W. Bauserman David Johnson J. S. Whitmer
William Britt H. J. Lamb Isaac Wyant
Peter Carikoff H. B. Lilly George Williams
    Joseph Williams

Note: Like Company C and others, Company E was in service from the beginning of the war. Casualties made reorganization necessary from time to time. Not only is this self-evident, the slim number of soldiers in Company E implies that the unit had seen hot fighting. As more complete muster rolls become available, they will be published.

--from Hardesty's Encyclopedia, p. 398

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