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The 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Companies A-L, Inc

Uniform and Accoutrements Requirements

Remember, our goal is to educate the public about the soldiers of the original 10th Virginia and their equipment, and that our best means of meeting that goal is authenticity.

The look of the unit will be the soldier as he appeared in the year 1862. This time frame offers an opportunity for individuality while seeking uniformity. Also, this time period does not require us to buy prohibitively expensive militia items.

Based on extensive research, we have agreed that the Richmond Depot Style jacket is the recommended style jacket. We will use the Type II jacket, which is described as follows: wool or jean, nine button front, Virginia seal or Richmond I buttons, shoulder straps, belt loops sewn top and bottom, one inside pocket on the left side, and no trim. This jacket was first issued in February, 1862, and through late 1864. However, these jackets were worn until the end of the war. Obviously, this jacket is the most logical choice based on authenticity and breadth of use.

Although the Richmond Type II jacket uniform is our recommended style, there is considerable variety allowed within the recommended guidelines. Some of our members model the differences in uniform and gear, as well as the ways they are worn and carried.

The links below outline basic requirements for uniforms, equipment, and muskets. A more detailed listing of the items required and acceptable percentage of use is included.

A word of advice on uniforms and equipment. Do your research first to make sure that what you are making or buying is authentic. Spend a little extra, both in time and money, to be certain the item is correct the first time. You'll be glad you did.

Regarding all purchases:
Discuss your questions with the unit commander before making your purchases! The commander expects that you won't be an expert on Civil War-era uniforms and year, at least not yet. The commander has the authority and experience to advise you about whether your purchases are acceptable. We cannot stress this enough: Talk to the Commander, or you may end up wasting money!

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