The 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Companies A-L, Inc

Essential Advice about Gathering Your Gear

In these pages, we have given our best-faith estimate of what kinds of gear you can use and what that gear will cost. Naturally, these estimates vary based on what you buy, whether you sew for yourself or will contract with a tailor for your uniform, and what you can pick up second-hand. Still, you can use these estimates as general guidelines to give you an idea of the commitment you will make. Very generally, the lowest estimate for an unarmed recruit to participate is around $500, and for armed participants, $1,000 or a little more. Although this seems prohibitively expensive, keep in mind that, once you have your uniform and gear, they will last you for years, most of it for your entire reenacting lifetime. Your most expensive item, your musket, is something you will buy once and keep forever.

You do not need to have everything purchased before you start. In fact, it's more advisable to start collecting your gear slowly. Some of the items you will need will be things that other members may be able to lend to you until you get your own. As you learn more about how the 10th lived and what the soldiers used, you will be able to make informed and wise purchases: from vendors, sutlers and other reenactors.

Having said this, we want you to understand that some items should be acquired quicky. We have put together a list of the order in which you should plan to purchase your gear.

Some of these items may seem to be out of order. Please remember, though, that many of our members have extensive collections of uniforms and accoutrements. Most men are willing to loan new personnel items such as trousers, jackets, waist belts, cartridge and cap boxes, and the like. However, personal items, such as a canteen, fork, socks, tin cup/plate, hat, shirt, etc., are not often shared. You should plan to purchase these first, since you will need them to participate. Plan to get your shoes right away; very few members have more than one pair. You must also get your musket as quickly as possible. Muskets are extremely valuable, and they are not loaned often. When you get your own, you too will feel protective of your weapon.

Obviously, this list is not hard and fast, and will vary from man to man. Your best course of action is to check with the unit commander about what you will need right away and which items you will be able to borrow for a while. Then you can concentrate on those things you must buy quickly.

It may seem like there are many rules to follow and standards to meet in order to join the 10th. They are all here to ensure that, as a unit, we maintain the highest standards of authenticity possible. Although the requirements are strict, we are a brotherhood of men who feel very strongly about our missions, to learn about the experiences of the common soldier and then teach those experiences to others. By the way, we also enjoy the duties and the company. None of us would be here if it weren't a great vocation.


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