The 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Companies A-L, Inc

About the Unit Flag

During the War Between the States, the regiments in both sides considered their battle flags, their "colors," sacred. Loss of the flag was tantamount to loss of the unit. At Appomattox, the surrendering Army of Northern Virgnia was ordered to stack arms and furl their battle flags. Both were to be yielded up to the Federal army. Officers were allowed to keep their side arms and personal possessions; both officers and enlisted men could take their horses home.

The Tenth's regimental battle flag, however, was not surrendered. The commanding officer, Lieutenant J. G. H. Miller, hid the flag by wrapping it around his body and concealing it under his jacket. He took it home to Rockingham County, where it remained in his family for many years.

The flag is now preserved and available to public view in the New Market Battlefield Military Museum, New Market, Virginia.

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