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The 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Companies A-L, Inc

Living Historians in the Twenty-First Century

in the field

The Tenth Virginia welcomes any opportunity to show the public the way that real Confederate soldiers from Virginia actually lived, marched and fought. This means that anywhere the unit's impressions are welcomed, the unit will go.

The 10th frequently marches in parades, participates in memorial services and conducts living histories, in addition to seeing action in various reenactments of battles fought during the War Between the States.

In 2002, the 10th participated in the Battle of New Market, both in the line and in a living history depicting treatment of wounded soldiers. The unit also reenacted battles at Malvern Hill outside Richmond, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg and Cedar Creek. We marched in parades in Staunton, Woodstock and Luray, and held memorial services in Woodbine Cemetary, Harrisonburg, Mount Olive Cemetary, McGaheysville, and the town cemetary, Luray.

Other activities included:

  • Veteran's Day and Memorial Day observances
  • Living histories and educational presentations
  • Seasonal Community festivals and fairs
  • Recruitment drives in public venues

This year our planned activities include a private screening of the major motion picture film Gods and Generals, in which are featured some of our members and members of affiliated units. We will conduct living histories at Gettysburg, New Market and Manassas, in addition to reenactments and other activities as requested.

We welcome the opportunity to teach and present to the public at any gathering or venue. Contact the unit commander on the Contacts page, on the menu at left.

a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational historical corporation
Tax ID #54-1933152

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